Scary maze game free

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Are you looking for a fun scary game? Do you like maze games? Scary maze game will surely satisfy your cravings. How far can you go?

In Scary Maze Game, your goal is to cross each maze bearing in mind one rule. And that rule is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. It is an absolute rule. If you touch the walls of the maze, the game will be over. And you will have to start the game all over again even when you are almost done with all the mazes.

What you will love about Scary Maze Game is the fact that it is now available for your devices. Yes, you can now download Play Scary Maze Game both in your Android and Apple devices. What more, downloading is totally for free. You need not pay for anything. Though there might be in-app purchases. Even so, it is upon your own choice to spend or not. So, what are you waiting for? Download now!

The app for your devices is like a collection of Scary Maze games published earlier. The app includes the first Scary Maze game, scary maze game 2, Scary Maze Mouse and Cheese and Scary Maze Find the Difference. The developers of the app are constantly improving the game so you can anticipate more Scary Maze games to be included in the app.

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You can recommend or share the app to family and friends. Challenge them how many levels they can accomplish. However, due to the intensity brought by the game, it must be noted that the game is not suited for people with weak hearts or those with heart conditions. And you are also reminded that once you play the game, you should hold your devices tight or at least make sure that your device is in a safety position.

play strike force heroes 3

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When it comes to shooting games, you should not miss to play Strike Force Heroes 3. All installments of Strike Force Heroes are full of action and adventure. If you love war-like games and shooting enemies, this is the perfect game for you.

The game starts with a video that GlobeX is having a meeting with his allies in an unknown hideout. He mentioned that his army of clones is now ready. His plan is to destroy the world. And with this, he wants people to blame the Strike Force Heroes. He mentioned that all strike force heroes are under control now. Only one Strike Force Hero is not in control yet, and that would be you. So it is now your job to stop him from executing his evil plan.

Your main goal in Strike Force Heroes 3 is to stop GlobeX at all cost. It is also your mission to protect territories and capturing enemy terrains. Because of this, you must gather your former teammates. You are now the captain of the military team. The decision is all yours. You will be choosing your team members, how many to take and what color they will wear.

There are fifty missions if you play Strike Force Heroes 3. Every mission is different from the other as to objectives and rewards. If you win in a mission, your reward might be cash, a new strike force heroes member unlocked or a new mission unlocked along with its rewards. Use your cash in upgrading your heroes and buying accessories. It is said that the first twenty missions has normal difficulty. That means, it is a bit easy. The next nine missions, twenty one to twenty eight, are hard in difficulty. And the rest of the missions are the hardest. But not to worry, it is not impossibly hard.


Strike Force Heroes 3 is said to be the hardest among the game series. Yet, it has the most sophisticated graphics and interface. It is also the most challenging of the three and has more missions than the first two installments. You can read more and play Strike Force Heroes 3 for free.

Duck Life 5 Online

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If you are up for some adventure games, do not miss playing the duck life 5 treasure hunt game. It is the fifth installment of the Duck Life game series. However, it has quite a different game play.

In the first four Duck Life games, you are to train your duckling in the skills of running, flying, swimming and climbing. And these trainings are in preparation for joining races, competitions and even world tournaments. In duck life 5 however, there are no more training to do. And there are no more cups or trophies to win.


After the Fire Duck’s reign had been ended, the volcano remained dormant for quite a while. But rumors have it that there are hidden treasures and artifacts within its cave. Rumors reached you together with the news that hunters from all over the world are travelling to the volcano cave to find the said treasure. And so your interest arises. You traveled too to the volcano cave in search of the treasures.

A lot of changes and improvements had been made in duck life 5. First, the racing game had been turned into a full adventure game. There is still a sense of racing but aside from not being the main focus of the game, there is nothing to win except finding the treasures. The game shop was also turned into six shops. These are the Pet Shop where you can buy pets which will be helpful in your adventure; the Mechanic Shop where you will be buying tools and accessories; the Jetpack shop where you can acquire jetpacks for your speedy journey; the Hairdresser shop and the Clothing Store where you can personalize your duckling; and the Witch Ducktor Shop where you can purchase tools that will help you collect more coins as you travel inside the cave. Unfortunately, almost all items in these stores are quite expensive.

There are achievements to complete too in duck life 5. At the beginning of the game, you will see a window where you will be shown the challenges you face. Try to complete all challenges for higher scores.

Earn to Die download

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Are you fond of zombie games? Zombies had been a favorite character in games, videos, television shows and even movies. Most zombie games you will find online are about shooting them or stabbing them to kill them. In the Earn To Die game series, you need not own a gun or any weapon to kill the zombies. You do not even have to get near it to kill it.


In the first Earn To Die, zombies have invaded your town. You are among the few survivors. You saw from not so far away a helicopter hat seems to be waiting for survivors. And so you needed a vehicle to get to the place where the helicopter is. Zombies tried to stop you as you head to the place. And the easiest and only way to kill them at the instance is to run through them. As you run each day, you needed to upgrade you vehicle for better performance. Each day too, you start from the same place you were the first day of your journey.

If you have played Earn To Die 1, you have probably noticed that all upgrades were completed except for one. In the when upgrade, one wheel upgrade was missing. Now, in Earn To Die 4, the super wheel had been found. This version is the same Earn To Die 1, only with complete wheel upgrade and some improvements in the game itself.

Just like in the previous versions of Earn To Die, you will need three vehicles in this installment to reach the helicopter. At the beginning of the game, you will start off with the hatchback since it is the only one you can afford with your starting cash. Every run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, you will be brought to the garage for upgrading or buying a new vehicle.

The next vehicle you can buy is the old good pickup. You can opt not to buy this vehicle but you will surely take longer time reaching your final destination. The third and the last vehicle to buy is the cool heavy truck. It is the only vehicle when fully upgraded which can reach the helicopter. You can visit to know more about this game.

Download Red Ball 3

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Are you looking for a worthy game where you can do away from the stresses of life even for a while? Or play to simply spend your free time? Try playing The Red Ball game series. Red Ball is a challenging puzzle skill adventure game. you will find all series at And surely, the story of the third installment will not only fascinate your heart but entertain you as well.


In Red Ball 3, the cute little Red Ball has fallen in love with the pretty Pink Ball. However, while in a park, a black ball saw them and aspired of being together with Pink Ball. And so he knocked down Red ball and kidnapped Pink Ball. You play as Red Ball and your mission is to rescue Pink Ball from Black Ball. There are twenty challenging levels to have fun while you go on your adventure. Reach the red flag at the end of each level. There are also checkpoints along the way. Be sure to pass through them so the red flag will move up.

The journey of rescuing Pink Ball will not be easy. There will be many obstacles along your way. If you had played the prior installments of this game, some of the obstacles will be familiar to you like the spikes, axes and lifts. There are brand new obstacles as well like the push buttons that control different obstacles and the levers that operate various things. As you go through each level, collect all the gold and silver stars along your way. They will give you good scores. Silver stars will give you ten points each while gold stars will give you more. But then, gold stars are a bit harder to collect.

Red Ball 3 has more challenging levels that you will enjoy. And in case you got trap in a level, you can watch videos of other players who had successfully completed the game. Although, it is advised that you try to solve each and every level of the game for more fun experience playing the game. And you can also download other games from the game developer by clicking the down arrow icon on the Main Menu.