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Story of Two Pig Friends- Hambo Game

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Hambo is an adventurous online game which has two sequels. You can visit to play this game. Hambo is a game of two pig friends, Hambo and Bacon where you have to play the role of Hambo. In this game your aim is to kill your enemies. You will have different kinds of weapons and you need to complete 36 levels. In this game Continue reading the story "Story of Two Pig Friends- Hambo Game"


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Have you heard about a game character which uses a chainsaw as its gun, splitting people and destroying every obstacle it may found and all the madness inside it? If not, just try to play this game: Skull Kid. You can find the madness here: Feel the atmosphere, fell the soul, and feel the madness! Enter a level with a gun or chainsaw Continue reading the story "LOOKING FOR A ‘MAD’ GAME? Play SKULL KID"