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Reach higher altitudes and farther distances in Shopping Cart Hero 3

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Stickman is a stick figure representing a human or a person. It is usually seen in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are three reasons or factors that can support the idea or statement mentioned earlier. One is because it is easy to understand and be familiar with. Second is because it is a simple character that can bring Continue reading the story "Reach higher altitudes and farther distances in Shopping Cart Hero 3"

A thrilling bmx ride in Max Adrenalin

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Although racing is an entertaining activity, it also considered as an injury-prone activity and worse is it can kill lives. But people won't be stopped in pursuing such activity because of three reasons. One is because of the involvement of cars. As most of us know, we get amazed and fascinated with certain cars due to its looks and performance. Second reason is because it Continue reading the story "A thrilling bmx ride in Max Adrenalin"

Sieger 2: It’s a rip off of Crush The Castle

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For the Sieger lovers, here comes the all new version of Sieger launched by Armor games and War Sparks. Sieger 2 comes with the same old concept, breaking castles, taking them over and killing the soldiers inside it. The gameplay remains the same and the objective is same as before, you need to bring castles down with minimum number of fires and loot the treasures, Continue reading the story "Sieger 2: It’s a rip off of Crush The Castle"

Spike harder and dig deeper in Slime Volleyball 2

Posted on: October 6th, 2015 by
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A little bit of fact about the sports of Volleyball is that the first term used to call it is Mintonette. This is one of the fastest rising sports in the world in terms of popularity. The three basic skills are serving, setting, and spiking. Back to the main topic, flash game creators have incorporated this sport in their game like the one called Slime Continue reading the story "Spike harder and dig deeper in Slime Volleyball 2"

Unleash your defensive moves in Defend the Tower

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It is almost automatic that in everything existing on earth have two sides: the good and bad. There will always be disadvantages and advantages when it comes to a product. In a person, there will always be a good and bad side no matter how big or small the goodness or badness is. The way we think corresponds to a positive or negative one. In Continue reading the story "Unleash your defensive moves in Defend the Tower"