Utilize the destructive weapons in Demolition City 3

Posted on: June 28th, 2016 by
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Game series exist because of three factors or reasons. First is because you will have a longer time playing because the game will continue through editions, parts or installments. Second is because there are instances that it challenges a player to its limits. Third is because there will be something that players will look forward compared to an ending single game. One example of a series is Demolition City. It is now on its third installment in Demolition City 3.

Since this is a new version, players can expect new features and more challenging levels. Your objective as a player is to destroy buildings in each city using certain weapons of destruction given at each level. You can also upgrade items for better performance or destruction. The new feature in this edition is the two more cities added such as Ice city and Shoppers Haven. The weapons that you can use in destroying the buildings are dynamites, RDX and PCD-200. Try the mentioned weapons by visiting www.demolitioncity3.net now!


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