Break your own record in Resu Race

Posted on: July 7th, 2016 by
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Are you looking for a simple game which will relieve you from all the stresses of life and give you fun and excitement? Try playing Resu Race and race against time. Your car is a modest rectangle shaped car with just two wheels. You only have one goal, to finish the level in the shortest possible time. Avoid the obstacles along the road, the small squares and circles.


Try to get the boosters when you see them, the white boxes with a B on it. They can help you go fast. This game is very entertaining, even kids will surely love playing it. The presentation is very simple focusing on shapes and colors. Practice your speed and tilts in the ten levels of this car game. And challenge yourself to break your own record in each level. But in case you got stuck, just press R to restart the level.


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