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Are you looking for a worthy game where you can do away from the stresses of life even for a while? Or play to simply spend your free time? Try playing The Red Ball game series. Red Ball is a challenging puzzle skill adventure game. you will find all series at And surely, the story of the third installment will not only fascinate your heart but entertain you as well.


In Red Ball 3, the cute little Red Ball has fallen in love with the pretty Pink Ball. However, while in a park, a black ball saw them and aspired of being together with Pink Ball. And so he knocked down Red ball and kidnapped Pink Ball. You play as Red Ball and your mission is to rescue Pink Ball from Black Ball. There are twenty challenging levels to have fun while you go on your adventure. Reach the red flag at the end of each level. There are also checkpoints along the way. Be sure to pass through them so the red flag will move up.

The journey of rescuing Pink Ball will not be easy. There will be many obstacles along your way. If you had played the prior installments of this game, some of the obstacles will be familiar to you like the spikes, axes and lifts. There are brand new obstacles as well like the push buttons that control different obstacles and the levers that operate various things. As you go through each level, collect all the gold and silver stars along your way. They will give you good scores. Silver stars will give you ten points each while gold stars will give you more. But then, gold stars are a bit harder to collect.

Red Ball 3 has more challenging levels that you will enjoy. And in case you got trap in a level, you can watch videos of other players who had successfully completed the game. Although, it is advised that you try to solve each and every level of the game for more fun experience playing the game. And you can also download other games from the game developer by clicking the down arrow icon on the Main Menu.

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