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Are you fond of zombie games? Zombies had been a favorite character in games, videos, television shows and even movies. Most zombie games you will find online are about shooting them or stabbing them to kill them. In the Earn To Die game series, you need not own a gun or any weapon to kill the zombies. You do not even have to get near it to kill it.


In the first Earn To Die, zombies have invaded your town. You are among the few survivors. You saw from not so far away a helicopter hat seems to be waiting for survivors. And so you needed a vehicle to get to the place where the helicopter is. Zombies tried to stop you as you head to the place. And the easiest and only way to kill them at the instance is to run through them. As you run each day, you needed to upgrade you vehicle for better performance. Each day too, you start from the same place you were the first day of your journey.

If you have played Earn To Die 1, you have probably noticed that all upgrades were completed except for one. In the when upgrade, one wheel upgrade was missing. Now, in Earn To Die 4, the super wheel had been found. This version is the same Earn To Die 1, only with complete wheel upgrade and some improvements in the game itself.

Just like in the previous versions of Earn To Die, you will need three vehicles in this installment to reach the helicopter. At the beginning of the game, you will start off with the hatchback since it is the only one you can afford with your starting cash. Every run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, you will be brought to the garage for upgrading or buying a new vehicle.

The next vehicle you can buy is the old good pickup. You can opt not to buy this vehicle but you will surely take longer time reaching your final destination. The third and the last vehicle to buy is the cool heavy truck. It is the only vehicle when fully upgraded which can reach the helicopter. You can visit http://www.earntodie4.org to know more about this game.

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