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If you are up for some adventure games, do not miss playing the duck life 5 treasure hunt game. It is the fifth installment of the Duck Life game series. However, it has quite a different game play.

In the first four Duck Life games, you are to train your duckling in the skills of running, flying, swimming and climbing. And these trainings are in preparation for joining races, competitions and even world tournaments. In duck life 5 however, there are no more training to do. And there are no more cups or trophies to win.


After the Fire Duck’s reign had been ended, the volcano remained dormant for quite a while. But rumors have it that there are hidden treasures and artifacts within its cave. Rumors reached you together with the news that hunters from all over the world are travelling to the volcano cave to find the said treasure. And so your interest arises. You traveled too to the volcano cave in search of the treasures.

A lot of changes and improvements had been made in duck life 5. First, the racing game had been turned into a full adventure game. There is still a sense of racing but aside from not being the main focus of the game, there is nothing to win except finding the treasures. The game shop was also turned into six shops. These are the Pet Shop where you can buy pets which will be helpful in your adventure; the Mechanic Shop where you will be buying tools and accessories; the Jetpack shop where you can acquire jetpacks for your speedy journey; the Hairdresser shop and the Clothing Store where you can personalize your duckling; and the Witch Ducktor Shop where you can purchase tools that will help you collect more coins as you travel inside the cave. Unfortunately, almost all items in these stores are quite expensive.

There are achievements to complete too in duck life 5. At the beginning of the game, you will see a window where you will be shown the challenges you face. Try to complete all challenges for higher scores.

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