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When it comes to shooting games, you should not miss to play Strike Force Heroes 3. All installments of Strike Force Heroes are full of action and adventure. If you love war-like games and shooting enemies, this is the perfect game for you.

The game starts with a video that GlobeX is having a meeting with his allies in an unknown hideout. He mentioned that his army of clones is now ready. His plan is to destroy the world. And with this, he wants people to blame the Strike Force Heroes. He mentioned that all strike force heroes are under control now. Only one Strike Force Hero is not in control yet, and that would be you. So it is now your job to stop him from executing his evil plan.

Your main goal in Strike Force Heroes 3 is to stop GlobeX at all cost. It is also your mission to protect territories and capturing enemy terrains. Because of this, you must gather your former teammates. You are now the captain of the military team. The decision is all yours. You will be choosing your team members, how many to take and what color they will wear.

There are fifty missions if you play Strike Force Heroes 3. Every mission is different from the other as to objectives and rewards. If you win in a mission, your reward might be cash, a new strike force heroes member unlocked or a new mission unlocked along with its rewards. Use your cash in upgrading your heroes and buying accessories. It is said that the first twenty missions has normal difficulty. That means, it is a bit easy. The next nine missions, twenty one to twenty eight, are hard in difficulty. And the rest of the missions are the hardest. But not to worry, it is not impossibly hard.


Strike Force Heroes 3 is said to be the hardest among the game series. Yet, it has the most sophisticated graphics and interface. It is also the most challenging of the three and has more missions than the first two installments. You can read more and play Strike Force Heroes 3 for free.

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