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Are you looking for a fun scary game? Do you like maze games? Scary maze game will surely satisfy your cravings. How far can you go?

In Scary Maze Game, your goal is to cross each maze bearing in mind one rule. And that rule is to never ever touch the walls of the maze. It is an absolute rule. If you touch the walls of the maze, the game will be over. And you will have to start the game all over again even when you are almost done with all the mazes.

What you will love about Scary Maze Game is the fact that it is now available for your devices. Yes, you can now download Play Scary Maze Game both in your Android and Apple devices. What more, downloading is totally for free. You need not pay for anything. Though there might be in-app purchases. Even so, it is upon your own choice to spend or not. So, what are you waiting for? Download now!

The app for your devices is like a collection of Scary Maze games published earlier. The app includes the first Scary Maze game, scary maze game 2, Scary Maze Mouse and Cheese and Scary Maze Find the Difference. The developers of the app are constantly improving the game so you can anticipate more Scary Maze games to be included in the app.

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You can recommend or share the app to family and friends. Challenge them how many levels they can accomplish. However, due to the intensity brought by the game, it must be noted that the game is not suited for people with weak hearts or those with heart conditions. And you are also reminded that once you play the game, you should hold your devices tight or at least make sure that your device is in a safety position.

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