The Original Vex game

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If you like playing challenging games that will make you think and play with style, you should try your wits in Vex 1, the first Vex ever. You will play as the stick figure that must be good in running, jumping, sliding down and swimming. You will also do some acrobatic acts while avoiding deadly obstacles.


The first Vex ever was launched sometime in March of 2013 and was created by Amazing Adams. It is one of the many flash games sponsored by the gaming site It has gained popularity since then. A lot of people got addicted playing it.

You will find only four panels in the Main Menu of the first Vex game ever. These are the Play Game, Stage Builder, More Games and Options. When you click the More Games panel, Yepi will bring you choices of other games available in its site. While in Options panel, you can choose the quality of your game as to Low, Medium and High. You can also change the Particles between Static, Dynamic or None at all. You can opt to play the Music embedded with the game or rather turn it off. You can also put on or off the sound effect. If you have already started the game, you can clear the saved data if you want to start all over.

In the Play Game, you will first work on the Tutorial stage. If you made it, there are eight Acts to go through and finally the Credit stage. As you play, you will encounter noxious obstacles such as the buzz saw, the laser guns, poisonous spikes and a lot more. The game encourages you to act fast and finish all levels as fast as you can. But you need to be very careful as you play because if you get caught in the obstacles, it will cost you longer time. Good thing about the game is the checkpoints scattered everywhere. So if you died, you do not have to restart the whole level or the whole game.

In the Stage Builder mode, you can create your own stage and can even share it with friends. Only, you have to play the game first to unlock builder packs which you need to build a good stage.

Blast the zombies into pieces with Flaming Zombooka

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Flaming Zombooka is an exciting and thrilling game presented by Longanimals and Robot Jam. It has been serving great entertainment since 2010. Obviously, this game has something to do with zombies and bazooka just by basing on the title. The creator has come up with a great title that will make the gamers be curious. The title of a game is an important factor in the success of a game because if you do have a great title that will make the gamers be interested with it, there is the chance for them to play it eventually.

The scenario in this game is that you will have to deal with zombies in each level. Your main weapon is a flaming bazooka. You must aim and shoot at the location of each zombie. The levels get harder and tougher to play because of the objects and metals presented. In order to succeed in 45 levels of this game, you have to be strategic and logical in aiming and shooting.

Flaming Zombooka (4)

It is the hardest among the rest in The World’s Hardest Game

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Games are supposed to be fun and entertaining but some creators are not just contented by these qualifications because they extend the fun with difficulty. Yes, your read it right. Level of difficulty are not only found in competitions in real life but also in the virtual world. One great example is the game called The World’s Hardest Game. Do you have an idea why is this named as the world’s hardest game? If you are clueless, you will find out the answers here in this article. It is called The World’s Hardest Game because it will challenge players to their limits as well as their patience.

This game is created by Snubby Land and was released in 2014. It has been serving great challenge toward gamers around the world. Your mission in this game is to guide and control the colored box in reaching the colored zone without being hit by any obstacles. The only problem that you have to hurdle are the moving objects, shapes and other stuffs that make that game very hard to pull through. You can try many times but make sure that you know what to do in order to advance to the next level.


Outsmart your opponent, Connect 4 and Win the match

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Drop some kegs and connect four of the same color before your opponent does! Connect 4 is an exciting puzzle game. Connect four of the same colored keg, whether horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. Be careful where you place your kegs as your opponent can use and to get the victory. Carefully drop your kegs and choose the best and fastest way to connect four. The box where you drop your kegs has a seven by six dimension.

You can choose which column would you drop the keg, but not the row, both players will start filling the bottom most row, and it goes higher as a keg is stacked on top of the other. If either of the player fails to connect four kegs of the same color after the box got filled, the game is over and you will have to restart with a blank box. There is no multiplayer feature in the game but the bot that you will be opposing is real hard. You will spend couple of hours trying to score, or at least make it a tie.

Connect 4 (3)

Answer the questions right in Bank Time 2

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Do you like to test how much facts you know? Not everyone who plays games play for fun only. Some player wants game where they learn or gain knowledge and at the same time having fun. And if you are the kind of player who likes answering general knowledge questions, then you should try playing the game Bank Time 2. It is a general knowledge quiz game.

Bank Time 2 (1)

At the left side of the screen, you will see amounts of money from twenty dollars up to one thousand dollars. You will be answering series of questions. Every time you answer correctly, the amount will go up a step to the next amount. But the amount is not yours until you bank it. If you fail to bank the money and answer a question wrong, then you lose the money. However, the cursor will go back to the first amount if you bank it.