Help little Dino once again in Dino Shift 2

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Guide little Dino to get home by bringing him through portal flat forms. But watch out as Knobs and Chasers try to stop you in your quest. Embark on an adventure and test your planning, hand and eye coordination on 30 challenging levels. Finish each level in the fastest time possible and collect all three stars to get your medal.

You control Dino by using the arrow keys to navigate through the stage and to the portal. You also need to get colored boxes to power up the flat form before proceeding to the next level. Dino needs to be with the same color with these boxes before he can pick them up. Use Z, X and C to change his color to green, blue and pink. Chasers are hungry monsters that will you eat anything with the same color. Knobs are mushroom like monsters that can eat Dino, but you can just step on their head and they will be gone.


There are couples of missions, known as medals in Dino Shift 2, unlocked once you complete certain tasks. After you complete all games and got all three stars in all levels, challenge yourself and build your own stage. Customize it and add obstacles and monsters as you wish, you can also share the levels you created to your friends and challenge each other to finish your own stages.

Can’t finish all stages in one sitting? No worries, your progress will be saved in the browser that you used, so the next time you open Dino Shift 2 again, you can continue and pick up where you last left off. A must try browser game to do after a long day of school. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop helping cute little Dino to get home. Try out it and let me know what you think!

Break your own record in Resu Race

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Are you looking for a simple game which will relieve you from all the stresses of life and give you fun and excitement? Try playing Resu Race and race against time. Your car is a modest rectangle shaped car with just two wheels. You only have one goal, to finish the level in the shortest possible time. Avoid the obstacles along the road, the small squares and circles.


Try to get the boosters when you see them, the white boxes with a B on it. They can help you go fast. This game is very entertaining, even kids will surely love playing it. The presentation is very simple focusing on shapes and colors. Practice your speed and tilts in the ten levels of this car game. And challenge yourself to break your own record in each level. But in case you got stuck, just press R to restart the level.


Utilize the destructive weapons in Demolition City 3

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Game series exist because of three factors or reasons. First is because you will have a longer time playing because the game will continue through editions, parts or installments. Second is because there are instances that it challenges a player to its limits. Third is because there will be something that players will look forward compared to an ending single game. One example of a series is Demolition City. It is now on its third installment in Demolition City 3.

Since this is a new version, players can expect new features and more challenging levels. Your objective as a player is to destroy buildings in each city using certain weapons of destruction given at each level. You can also upgrade items for better performance or destruction. The new feature in this edition is the two more cities added such as Ice city and Shoppers Haven. The weapons that you can use in destroying the buildings are dynamites, RDX and PCD-200. Try the mentioned weapons by visiting now!


Conquer territories by talk or action in Feudalism 3

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Are you looking for a flash game that has a history of conquering cities and lands? If you are positive about this question, then you might be lucky to be reading this page. This is because it presents a great game called Feudalism3. This is the third edition from the game series called Feudalism. Continue scanning this page for further details. Feudalism is a great game where the mission of the players is to conquer all the cities as much as possible. It is normal to experience struggle or difficulty within the game.

Going back with Feudalism 3, the objective of the players is to grab certain territories by means of words or fighting. There are three classes of warriors that players can truly enjoy. The first one pertains to the Crimson Empire. The second is Red Order and the last one is Sun Kingdom. In each class, you will be able to identify certain individuals that you can be or can help you succeed in this game. You just have to realize or analyze which one is the best. To find out more, just click

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Scare more with Scary Maze Halloween

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Do you have the guts to play the Scary Maze game series? Put your courage into test in this exciting puzzle game. The best game to play on Halloween festivities is the game Scary Maze Halloween. This time, instead of the red box or the red circle, you will be guiding spooky creatures through the mazes. Make sure not to bump against the walls of the maze. However, keep track of the way you go through the maze. Sometimes, it is where you have stepped that prompts the surprise.

And if you get through all the levels, a bonus level will be unlocked. This version is packed with displayed Halloween creatures like tarantulas, screeching bats and jack-o-lanterns which make the game scarier. Prove your courage by playing Scary Maze Halloween at But a warning for the faint hearted, this game is not for you.

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