Clear All Bubbles with Bubble Pop Game

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Bubbles are the cutest thing. It floats and bursts. However, it doesn’t take a long time before each bubble bursts. Well, maybe just because that is how it is designed. It keeps its form for a moment and be gone. However, in games, this is not the case. Often, in the game they are hard to burst. Take for instance the Bubble Pop game. Bubble Pop is the finest bubble game in the Android Market. This game was developed by 3 Dynamics. This game has various bubbles. A simple bubble game will pop up your minds and hands. In this game, your main objective is to obviously clear all the bubbles. The more bubbles you pop, the more points you earn. Then, you should bust the bubble heart that is hidden within. This may seem so simple but this game is quite exciting and challenging. Try and check this game out and see what I mean.

The Thrill and Suspense of Monster Truck Games Online

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Children love to play trucks in real life. They are fond of moving the trucks from one side of the house to the other. However, it is somehow difficult on the part of their parents because of the mess they make. That is why; they made the concept of creating monster truck games online. There are a lot of monster truck games. Some of the top monster truck games are 18 Wheeler, 4 Wheel Madness 3, American Truck, Backhoe Trial, Big Truck Adventures 2, Bulldozer Mania and many more.


Monster Truck Games have different kinds. These are arcade, race, park and delivery and many more. Moreover, 18 Wheeler is one example of an arcade game. This game was developed by SEGA games which was first released in 2000. Since 18 Wheeler is one of the top games in the market, the main goal of the players is to park the truck in different locations carefully. They also have to transport the cargo by driving in highways in cross-country. They should also avoid the game to end by not damaging the truck. Players can select from various characters. Each character has a lot of unique trucks with different features. 18 Wheeler also has tracks to travel like other monster truck games. The monster trucks of the players begin in the Key West and travel across the United States until they reach San Francisco. This game also has stages that each player should accomplish. For every stage, players are given the chance to make a choice of trailer especially in the first stage. In this game, they can also earn and release money. The money is released whenever the trailer is hit. They can also increase the fleeting speed of the monster truck once the truck horns and the other monster trucks or cars yield. The stages also have time limits. They can compete with their rival trucker called the Lizard Tail. Players can earn additional money if they overtake the Lizard Tail and reach the finish line. Also, there is a chance to earn extra money in a mini game as the player park the monster truck or car. This is how 18 wheeler works. That is why; this is the top most played game among all the monster trucks.


Another monster truck game is Monster Truck Madness which was developed by Terminal Reality. This was published by Microsoft in 1996. This is a racing PC game which was made known as Metal Rush or Heavy Metal Truck. This game allows players to choose from 12 real life monster trucks. They can also compete with A1 players from one to four modes of the game. Based on the PENDA Point Series, there are four modes which are the following: drag, circuit, rally and tournament. In the drag mode, players need to be the first one to reach the finish line in the competition. There are two lane styles in this mode. These are the straight style and the J style. Second, in the circuit mode, there are checkpoints that players have to follow in order to finish the amount of laps set. It has maximum of 20 laps with 7 opponents. In this mode, this includes the following: A Crazy Eight, Canyon Adventure, Mud Pies, Round and Round, Winding Way, A Crazyer Eight, King of the Hill and Sierra Logging Run. Third, in the rally mode, it is also the same with the circuit mode. The only difference is you have to follow checkpoints in order to finish one lap. This mode includes the following: Arizona, Highlands Rally, Yucatan Adventure and Snowy Canyon. The last mode is the tournament wherein the competition starts in a specific location. The competition is challenging, thrilling and exciting. This is the best part of the game because players become more competitive. Monster Truck Madness also released its second series which offers more great features.


Based from the two examples of monster truck games, we can see how the game works and how fun would it give the gamers, especially the children. They can become competitive enough and learn how to achieve success in this very simple game. Their strategic skills will also be enhanced as they start their adventure in this kind of game. They can also think of ways on how win for the victory. Therefore, monster truck games are fun and amazing for children, teenagers and adults like you.

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