Once again defend the treasures in Raft Wars 3

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If you had played the Raft Wars game series, get ready to once again help Simon and his brother. The story began when Simon accidentally dug up a treasure. Words spread of the fortune. But some groups, like pirates and Vikings, are determined to get the treasure. Simon’s brother, brave and clever, stood up against the enemies to protect not only the treasure but most importantly, his brother.

Raft Wars 3 (2)

But after the first two sequels, the foes are still not giving up in getting the treasure of Simon. And so, the saga goes on. Defend the treasure using tennis balls. And after earning enough cash, upgrade your raft and buy grenades and rockets. You earn cash when you kill enemies; and the lesser shots you defeat them, the greater cash you earn. Raft Wars 3 can be played for free at http://raftwars.xyz/raft-wars-3/. And this game is safe for kids for having no violence in it.

Get the little pig towards its destination in Piggy in the Puddle

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Are you familiar with Piggy in the Puddle? If you are clueless about this thing, it is fine because you will eventually learn some information about this game as you read along with this game. Piggy in the Puddle is an example of an entertaining flash game. Obviously, it features a cute little pig. But before we go further with the details, let us briefly tackle some reasons why pigs are great animals.

First is because of the fact that they are cute, calm and cuddly. Second is because of the fact that they are good source of food and income in terms of food industry and business. Last is because of their undeniable charm which is perfect for different entertainment mediums out there. The story in this game is that the cute and jolly pig wants to go to the puddle but it doesn’t know the right path. The mission of the players is to control and guide the pig towards the puddle. You can use other animals that will help you lead the pig on its destination.


Cute and little monkeys to witness in Monkey Go Happy Games

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Monkey Go Happy Games is a compilation of games that feature cute and little animals. There are four versions or editions under this compilation that children and adults will surely love. There are three benefits that you can get by visiting and engaging with the games involved in this series. First is the entertainment advantage which is the primary purpose of all the games existing online now. Second is the challenge that will make you smarter along the way of your game. Last is the amazement that you will see or witness which pertains to the colorful and lively mini monkeys.

The goal or objective in each game belonging to this series or compilation is all about finding the missing monkeys while cheering the sad ones. There are objects or things that can help you succeed with your mission in this game. The games included are Monkey go Happy Mini Monkeys 1, Monkey go Happy Mini Monkeys 2, Monkey go Happy Mini Monkeys 3 and Monkey go Happy Mini Monkeys 4.


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Are you familiar with puzzle games? They are the ones that let you solve and think carefully in order to win in the game proper. If you love or want to play one, then you are on the right track because this article that you are reading at the moment is about the same type of game. The name of the game is Trollface Quest 2. This is actually the second installment from the game series called Trollface Quest. This is about solving the puzzles or the problems given by the game master in the screen.

Trollface Quest 2 (1)

There are two unique things about this particular game. First is the character that the players have to deal with which is mysterious but fun. Second is the game play that will make the players think out of the box. The goal or objective of anyone who are trying to engage with this particular game is to solve the puzzles by thinking alternative ways on how to finish the challenge of the Trollface. Check more information on its best site.

Defeat the hostile enemies in The Strangers 4

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The Strangers 4 is the fourth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number 4 on it. This series is created by GamesFree and has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2010. Since this is already the fourth edition, you can expect new things and features in this game. The player will have to work with a sniper team and be the leader who will command the mission in a hostile place or location.

The Strangers 4

There are two things that you can get if you play this particular game. First is the improvement of skills virtually. Second is the sense of team spirit which is important in group whenever there are adventure, talks and communication process to perform. Your goal as the player is to lead the team of snipers. You will be the one engaging and commanding on what things or action to perform in order to defeat the enemies on the given location.